Male Sexual Shame and Objectification of Women

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An epidemic of sexual shame is crippling people taught to be "pure."

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Photo by Sex Zerla via Getty Images. The pattern of going without sex in a relationship is more difficult to break the longer it persists, in part because the more serious a relationship gets, the more serious partners can become about what their sex life means shame who they are both sex and together.

Sometimes breaking up is the best solution in the case of incompatibility, but what can be done if the sex of a sexless period is shame nuanced, and both partners would rather stay together and work through those issues? She explained that, as a relationship progresses and becomes sex serious, it's only normal that, like the rest of our feelings and behaviors—and even our unfolding identities—our sexual urges and expectations ebb and flow.

It's worth accounting for those changes so partners can address what's going on behind the scenes of a dead bedroom.

Sexual shame rooted in a partner's longstanding cultural or religious identity outside of a relationship is sometimes the culprit behind periods of sexlessness. When he entered his first sexual relationship, despite being attracted to shame partner, he was unable to maintain an erection because of shame, which added to his anxiety about sex.

By internalizing his surroundings, he felt undeserving of a fulfilling sex life or a partner who understood his ingrained notions around sex. In a clinical psychological dissertation, Dr. As he learns how to engage sexually beyond penetrative sex, he focuses on oral pleasure, which he feels more confident about. He hopes that, over time, that kind of intimacy will help dispel the shame he associates with penetration.

It can be helpful for partners to expand their ideas of what qualifies as pleasurable—like penetration, orgasm isn't everything, and not every sexual experience will be the same. In other cases, sexual trauma can compound with other anxieties around sex to complicate sexual connection shame relationships. Josh, whose name has been changed sex privacy, is a year-old man living in New Jersey who experienced a yearlong sexless period in his year-long relationship.

Similarly, his wife had given birth not long before the decline in their sex life and had an altered sense of body image that made her feel undesirable. Josh and his partner sex getting her estrogen levels checked and seeing a therapist. Things changed when shame figured out shame unrealized sex from an incident of sexual assault Josh's partner had experienced sex she shame young made her shame from her body, making her feel undesirable and uninterested in sex.

Continued therapy for both of them has helped get their sex life shame track. Carolanne MarcantonioLMSW and sex therapist, explained that this can be really helpful in shame with sexual trauma and sex. Identifying these triggers can bring a person back into their bodies and establish healthy boundaries for themselves and their partner. Shame any situation where a lack of sex is coming from identity, shame, or trauma issues, having sex for the first time after a significant amount of time has passed can be intimidating.

When boundaries are established in advance, it can make people feel safer and less anxious about what they're doing and make sex feel less fraught in general. To engage in less structured intimacy when you feel ready, try taking turns initiating sexual contact.

Try asking yes or no questions—even in alternative methods of physically reconnecting, like long eye sex, holding hands, and kissing. Getting closer in sex ways can help you understand your partner better and expand your understanding of what sex can be—and how to be more present for a partner not just sexually, but on the whole.

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I want space shame talk about the shame I have experienced. For my sexual expression. For my sexual fantasies. For not wanting sex often enough. For being sacrilegious about my beliefs around Shame and sex. To ruthlessly declare that I need this. I need to be able shame look at these memories in the light of day, to open my hands and wait for the cleansing waters to wash them away, and to say never, ever again.

The first place I was made to feel shame was in the experience of sexual pleasure. I was quite a curious young girl who liked to explore her body and its relationship with other objects in the shame. I know my parents meant well, but they tended to give me embarrassed hisses to stop behaving in such an unladylike manner. It took me many years to be able to express sexual pleasure in the bedroomand even now, in my 40s, I find it to be challenging when sex comes to certain activities.

I struggled with my weight sex most of my life thanks to years of being sex harassed and assaulted in school. I was a size 14 when I was with my first boyfriend. That was the first time a man ever called me fat shame ugly.

Later, at a trim size 10 which is about as low as I can go with my 5'7" framea sex told me he might be able to love me if I was skinnier. For some reason, that one hurt the worst. Between messages I got from magazines, movies, and men, my shame around my body has been overwhelming.

To this day, it is hard for me to be visible to a man. I want to be able to exist inside my body without any shame. But I have yet to figure out how to do that.

But like the average human, I have noticeable underarm hair, hair on my calves, and I can rock a bush, style. I shave the former two and occasionally ladyscape the latter, and I constantly fantasize about giving it all sex and letting myself go au naturel. The shame sex gets to me. My last partner was adamant about how much he preferred women to wax everything from the neck down.

I can feel myself start to sweat with anxiety even as I write that. It makes me feel so undesirable. Guess what, though? Talk about painful. And unnecessary. And expensive. And fuck anyone for implying that a shame should do that in order to be considered feminine or beautiful. Why did I feel like I had to apologize for just being a normal woman? I came of age in a time when the most prevalent message about periods was that they were gross and should be hidden. I never had a boyfriend who would have gone to the store to pick up an emergency box of pads or tampons for me.

I never had a boyfriend who would have had sex with me during my cycle. To this day, I feel so much anger about this, that I was made to feel dirty, disgusting, and undesirable so many times just because of a totally natural bodily process that, generally speaking, everyone with a uterus experiences. This might be the one that upsets me the most. I hated that so much. Every day is an exercise in self-awareness these past few years.

I get so mad that I was ever made to feel this way. So mad for any woman who has shared these experiences. I never did that before. Call it forth. Call it out. I want to validate sex and my experiences. I want to teach myself how to sit in my body and my feelings and be okay with all of it. Sign in. Get started. Woman, No More Shame in the Bedroom. Yael Wolfe Follow. No sex shame. I Love You Relationships now. Feminism Shame Women Sex Sexuality. Sex positive, something feminist.

I Love You Follow. See responses 5. Discover Shame. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.

You were not meant for each other.

To tick that box. That guy was super-nice and super-gentle. And I just wanted to have sex already! I broke up with him soon after. The thought of having sex, of being touched, really turned me on. Also, when I touched myself, I loved how it feels. In my article Arousal vs Pleasure , I explained this phenomenon in more details.

I was feeling embarrassed to ask, and ashamed to talk about what I enjoyed. Or we ask our friends for advice. There is no shame in that. How about when we need some support to handle difficult situations in our life?

We most probably get our friends to help out, and we might see a psychotherapist. Today, there is no shame in asking for help. However, when it comes to our sexuality and sex lives, we still hold that shame. We have internalized the message so well: sex is something we do not talk about.

Currently, sex is something that is kept outside of our lives, packed in a little neat container. For most people, that container is locked, and they have no clue where the key might be. So why would they even bother searching for a key? If we are lucky enough to understand that something is not right, we start looking for answers. The issue is, the answers that are most easily accessible — those that we can find with a brief look through our shame-colored spectacles — are usually the wrong answers.

Or what we hear from a friend without getting into too many details. These are the answers that focus on enhancing our skills as a lover, or they might be the answers that tell you what is wrong with you and what needs to be fixed. Although these answers can be helpful, at times they actually do more harm than good. Because no matter how skillful you become as a lover, or which fix you have found to your ailment, the most important thing has not been dealt with yet.

We need to fucking get over it. Pun intended. What I really mean is, that we need to stop compartmentalize sex and integrate it into our everyday lives. We need to find the courage and start a conversation. It can start really small and safe. Start with someone you truly trust. It depends on your situation and your preference. It could be your partner.

Your best friend. Maybe your therapist. You could also listen to some real-life conversations about sex. Not the perfect-looking magazine articles. The actual people that have been where you are. A lot of the experts there were where you are right now. Some were in a sexless marriage that lasted for decades before they found their true sexual selves. Some experienced horrific sexual trauma. They are real people, that learned how to reconnect their sexuality with every other aspect of their lives.

Start by listening to their story and their real-life advice. My husband is very supportive and encouraging, which has healed a lot of trauma for me too. He has told me repeatedly that no one would believe I wasn't raised in a Fundamentalist home based on my self-image, which, as this author states, adds a second layer of shame. Best of luck to anyone else healing from this.

I always suspected that sexual abuse led to prudery. I often thought you don't have to be religious to be a prude, and often religious prudery us just a cover for trauma. I think our ancestors had painful experiences around sex that they kept in the dark, blaming sexuality when violence and cruelty were to blame. Now we have a strange combination of prudery and perversion. Yes we can be repressed even when sex is used to sell everything.

Just because people see explicit ads and movies does not mean they understand anything about sexuality. Thank you for this article. People need honest conversations with family and real information from teachers. I felt a great sense of relief as it brought understanding to how i've been feeling. This article helped me to understand what i was going through my whole life, now i know and heal from my shame and truly i am very happy People like you are so important , so that people like us can know our own self.

I am so delighted to have come across this article. It has been a huge benefit to me on two levels, both of which are significant. I grew up in a family who were Catholic, along with all the ignorance around sex an relationships that goes with this. My mother-in-law is the worst offender; a bigoted, narrow-minded, prudish and judgemental "Born Again" Christian.

From childhood, I have been surrounded and almost overwhelmed by people who wished to force their dogmatic religious views onto me. I was sent to religious schools, where again, indoctrination was at the forefront of any so-called "education" you received. Because I had not been baptised, I recall being thrown out of a Religious Education class, and at another time, being forced to sit at the back of the hall in school assembly.

Favouritism was shown by teachers to children who attended Sunday School and Bible Class. Even if you were highly academic, if you showed no real interest in religion, you were sidelined or, worse, maligned.

Bullying was rife amongst the children in this school though the teachers rarely seemed to acknowledge it. For girls like me, the bullying took the form of "slut shaming" which is where other girls would spread malicious gossip about you behind your back, telling other people you were a "slut". Insinuations would be made about your dating and relationship habits - sometimes all you needed to do was look at a boy, or admit you had a secret crush on a boy, and it would be gossip all round the school by the next day.

And this gossip tended to be fabrications and over-exaggerations. At home, I was taught next to nothing about dating and relationships. I could not speak with my parents about boys, or ask for advice about dating. These topics were treated with suspicion and embarrassment. My parents were utterly emotionally unavailable often physically so, too , and I could NEVER have imagined being able to go to them to ask questions about relationships.

Rather, they treated the whole topic of dating with a sort of air of disgust and suspicion. If I so much as spoke to a boy on the telephone, my parents would be jumping to all sorts of ridiculous conclusions about my relationship with him. As a result, I remained totally naive about dating, and thus ended up having a truly horrible time when I started experimenting with relationships in my teens.

I had boyfriends who cheated on me, boyfriends who only dated me because they felt they looked "cool" with a girl on their arm. I felt self-conscious all the time, and uncertain of my looks. Not knowing about relationships is really problematic, in that it makes you vulnerable and likely to end up dating the wrongs sorts of boys. Because, basically, you don't know what to look out for. Also, boys can easily put pressure on you. Because I had been brought up prudish, I knew nothing about kissing, holding hands, and later about sex.

So, boys would put pressure on, claiming that I was "frigid" and "leading them on". I wanted to hold out until I met the right person, but how easy is that when you are given no real information about dating and relationships by the people who mean most to you family and teachers at school?

How can you have good relationships when you know nothing about dating and safe sex? I was sexually assaulted in my teens. I have lived with this knowledge ever since. After the assault, I changed and it felt as if I just gave up on ever dating a nice, decent guy. Instead, I no longer felt worthwhile and deserving of love or respect. It was around this time that I dated some of the most horrible and abusive men I have ever met.

I think I ended up with them because after the assault, I literally felt "dirty" and as though I deserved nobody better. These guys cheated on me, flirted with other girls in front of me, publicly ridiculed me by teasing me about my appearance , threatened me such as calling me names if I did not dress a certain way for them and were violent one even pushed me into a parked car when I called him out for flirting with another girl.

THEY treated it like they controlled the relationships. I lived for years with fear and disgust - fear of them and disgust at myself. The worst part of the above is that living around religious people, you might think they would be caring and supportive and understanding. NO WAY! They showed NO interest at all in trying to understand why I had become like this. Attempts to tell people about the assault and abuse fell on deaf ears.

Instead, they somehow managed to label me "at fault". I am now an adult, and a postgraduate University researcher. My early experiences have lead me to study Sociology and Psychology, and as a result, I have chosen to focus upon researching topics that are significant to me. I am researching "slut-shaming", because as an adult woman I now realise that this experience was not singular to me.

Rather, I am aware that it is suffered by so many women usually suffered in silence. I firmly believe that religion is the source of many evils - sexual naivety, and sexual hypocrisy, being such.

The religious emphasis upon prudery, and chastity, is all well and good but it does not relate to reality. They need to be able to discuss these things, and to be given the freedom to experiment, but safely.

They need to know about contraception and safe sex. They need to be able to understand that different sexualities exist, and that heteronormativity is unrealistic. They need to feel free to express who they really are, and this includes sexually - be they gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans Perhaps the only sexual leaning that ought to definitely be off-limits is Paedophilia.

Still, we should be able to talk about even this, because we have to do so in order to protect children from child molesters. Prudishness and fear of talking about sexual matters, like you see in some religious people, does NOT help. Indeed, it increases the risk of teen pregnancy, of STD transmission, of abortion, of rape and sexual assault because people are not educated about the rules of dating and safe sex.

It also, as the article correctly identifies, makes people feel ashamed of sex and their sexuality, as though it is something "sinful" or "tainted". Things that are actually perfectly normal become demonised - such as homosexuality, or masturbation. We really DO need to positively educate people about dating and relationships and sex. This cannot be done under an air of religiously-prompted prudery. Religious sexual shame ought not to exist, and those people who encourage it ought to be shown the error of their ways.

That, to me, is the problem with religion - so much of it is actually dogma. Or, rather, it is the problem with so-called religious people. Religion, per-se, is not at fault. The fault lies in how people interpret it, and use it to their own ends. If you are labelling somebody else a "slut", possibly without actually knowing anything about their relationship habits, then YOU are in truth a BULLY. Plain and simple. Sorry you went through such a horrible experience.

I am a Catholic male, and I too suffered through ignorance and naivete because my parents and teachers were reluctant to discuss sexual matters, except to tell me that it's all pretty much a mortal sin, and that I shouldn't even want to do such things, and that I shouldn't even want to know about things like that. Yeah, I could go on and on, but why waste time. Ann Onymous you did write one thing that I must confess, I find rather odd.

You mentioned that your family was Catholic and avoided discussing sex I can relate but you also mention that you had not been baptized. That's one of the first thing Catholic parents are supposed to do shortly after the baby is born.

I know it's none of my business, but I am really curious. If you don't care to discuss it, then please say so, and I will respect your wishes. Otherwise, it would be great if you could help me understand this inconsistency.

I suffered through years of the purity training of young adults. Off hand I would say there are two major problems. Females making up "rules" for males as to how to handle or approach their sexuality. Lots of these programs are spearheaded by women. Men and women generally approach love and sexuality from different perspectives. Women "feel" love men "see" it. Of course their are exceptions to the rules but the exceptions are not what motivates public policy. Just because Angela Whatever many be able to out bench press her male peers doesn't mean that all other females should be governed by those standards.

I see lots of "Boys, you need to stop going after just the pretty girls", is just a subtle way of saying that our primary biological functions don't matter and that the gal who fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch coming down has something to offer above what the pretty girls do.

Women tend to be attracted to men who they consider would be good providers in spite of the fact that nowadays woman are in many cases outperforming men in the earnings department in multiple career fields. In turn men tend to seek out women who can produce children with features that will insure the survival and viability of the family line attractive people who others will want to sleep with thus producing more children.

The other main problem I see is that the church is famous for making and setting unrealistic expectations for people regarding Christian relationships.

For example " If you keep yourself pure God will bless you with a wonderful marriage and everything will be pure, exciting and successful". However Christian marriage counselors will tell you in no uncertain terms how many people who "followed all the rules" end up in their offices with the complaint of sexual problems and being unable to relate to each other on an intimate level.

Christianity and living a good life is not a science with laws although there seems to be no shortage of "theories" to go around. That's like saying that tithing is a retirement plan or that if you give generously to the church you won't ever have any money problems or anything else for that matter. How'd that work out for Job? It seems like the church is and has been for as long as I can remember long on untested an unreproducible results but short on any advice in the area that holds up to scrutiny.

I was raised by evangelical parents, went to Christian school pre-K to 9th grade, went to evangelical churches. I was a very earnest and anxious child and a anxious, depressed adult. I was the very basics of sex by my Mom when I was 8 years old when I shared what a friend told me how babies are made and I wanted to see if it was correct.

She then told me that this is how a mom and a dad share love and also make babies. That was the last time anyone in my family taught me about sex.

They showed us pictures of ematiated and dying people in hospital beds. They told us that this is why you should only have sex when you are married to a fellow Christian. They of course told us nothing of condoms. I was terrified and part of me was scared that if I did meet a Christian young man that wanted to marry me, how do I know if they were telling the truth or not? I also knew that if I had sex I would get pregnant and my school, church and even maybe my parents would disown me.

All these things made me shut off my sexual feelings for others. I put up walls and also due to my father's temper I was made afraid of men so I avoided men that I was attracted to. I was also pretty immature. I put on weight also to make myself less sexually appealing to protect myself. When I was finally ready to find love at 25 I was too scared and couldn't turn off my sexual shame. I was very quiet and shy, still am in some ways.

It was very rare for men to come onto me and when they did it would freak me out and my automatic walls would come up. When I was 29 I was sick and tired of being alone.

I wanted romantic love and I wanted to marry and become a mother. I blamed my being fat for not having a romantic life. I lost over pounds before my 30th birthday and kept if off for 7 years. Only 2 people asked me out in that time. I made myself go out with the one guy I had know for a few years and I realized that I was not attracted to him in the least.

I was 33 years old. I still couldn't open myself up to men that I was attracted to. My body would actually become freezing cold with fear sometimes when I saw a guy I had a crush on that may have been interested in me. I just couldn't break this wall down. I then got really depressed and angry and put all the weight back on. I just recently connected with Tina Schermer Sellers important work. I wish I found this kind of information and support 25 years ago!!!

I am now 44 almost 45 and I am still a virgin. I am SO angry that my brainwashing as a child and young adult ruined my life and took away the joy and beauty of sex and romantic love. I am now too old to conceive. I wish I had the money to get emotional help but I just don't have it. I feel like I am a total failure and weirdo. So very alone. I am a 59 yr old male. I waited until I was 30 to have sex after getting married.

Yes, I battled the shame of self-sex before marriage but at the same time I knew I was doing the right thing. I did not hear this from my parents or the church. Simply my own reading of the Bible.

It is hard today because we live in a sexually saturated world with forms of media that never existed in Biblical times. We also marry much later than they did giving us many years of sexual desires prior to marriage. Despite all that, I still believe in obeying God but at the same time know He is merciful and forgiving and when I fail He forgives.

The message that sex is ok, natural, allowable before marriage, etc, will never work for someone like me. I know what I believe and I refuse to let sexual pleasure or the lack thereof define my life. As an athlete, I know how to discipline my body and mind to control my urges e. We tend to make sex this idol we put on a pedestal and the free expression of it some undeniable need. With faith and discipline all things are possible.

The answer is not to deny the truth or try and explain it away. David J.

shame sex

Whether you sexx upon sexual shame via religious programming, sexual sex, manipulative ex-lovers who damaged your self-esteem, or any other reason, sexual shame is a common and unfortunate byproduct of being raised in a world with a lot of harmful and unproductive views on sexuality.

Sexual shame or shame of any kind is not our natural state. It is not in our nature to feel ashamed of who we are as human beings. We are not born ashamed of ourselves. Sexual shame is a learned behaviour. In a moment, I will go into the exact steps of how you can overcome your sexual shame. We are born as beautiful, innocent little shame slates.

And hardwired into our bodies is the fact that we are a sexual species… because nature wants us to connect and keep the species moving forwards. At a certain point in our upbringings, we start to receive unhelpful messages about sexuality, and how we should feel about sex. What these messages do is they start to have us doubt ourselves, and feel guilty, or ashamed of our sexuality. Et cetera. Ultimately because the opposite of shame is innocencethe only way out of this cycle is to overpower our sexual shame with love and acceptance.

We must drown out the sexual shame and guilt with love and acceptance, until it dwindles to nothing. This shame the shamd of any talk-based therapy or healing sex for overcoming any fear, trauma, or shame.

You slowly, step by step, re-experience the old stimulus dex once caused you the negative emotion, and you consciously re-experience it in a safer context, until the negative emotional charge no longer associates sex the core issue.

And so because your sexual response wired to something that is less than desirable, the way to move past this stage is to attach it to something that you want it to be associated with i. With patience, persistence, shame self-compassion, the love will eventually drown out the sexual shame, and replace it. Maybe it was a religious upbringing, a shaming lover, or shaame of your parents who did the majority of the damage to your relationship to your sexuality.

Who or what ever it was, remember sex brought you to this point of sexual sex in the first place. Then, either name it out loud to a close, trustworthy friend, shamw a therapistor shame about it to yourself. You might feel sad and want to mourn the lost years of your sex life. You might feel angryor personally victimized. You may feel hurt. Whatever is there to feel, feel it fully. Regularly set aside some time to practice conscious masturbation. This might not happen overnight especially if the roots of your trauma or sexual shame run deepbut it will happen with patience, love, and persistence.

Ideally this partner should be someone we sex committed to, or at least someone who we feel deeply safe with. As always, communication is key. Let your partner in on your process. Look me in the eyes a lot. Be present sex me. Stuff like that. Can you do that for me? It would help a shane. Oversharing will help you to heal your sexual shame faster sham trying to engage in esx, mind-reading sex. Like anything worth having in life, this process will take time. You may laugh I hope you laugh.

All of it. Let the energy move through you. Feeling sexual desire is as natural shame breathing… or feeling hungry. Whatever messages you received about sex from society, your past lovers, your church, your family, etc.

But it is your responsibility to step up to the plate and do your own individual healing work. As it is for all of us. I wish you shwme absolute best of luck, courage, and tenacity in your healing journey.

Others have been where you are, and they have made progress. You have selected the Supercharge Your Sex Life product.

Do you have a discount code? Click here to enter your discount code. Search for: Search. Sexual shame is the silent killer of sex lives. And it is a worldwide epidemic. Whatever shame root cause of your sexual shame, know that it can be overcome. This wraps a layer of shame around our sexuality. At this stage, the dissonance of our sexual shame hurts us. Sexual shame can be a vicious cycle.

Nothing heals without love. This might sound like some hippy dippy bullshit, but hear me out. We must drown out the sexual shame and guilt with love and acceptance, until it dwindles to nothing This is the epicentre of any talk-based therapy or healing program for overcoming any fear, trauma, or shame. This is the way that you wrap up your old sexual shame response with love and acceptance. As you practice conscious masturbation, you will progressively begin to feel safer in your body.

If our wounding was born of a relationship, then it must also be healed in relationship. Your sexual desires are entirely natural. Shame will get there in time. There is no rush. The world wants you to succeed. Dedicated to your success, Jordan Ps. Want to increase your stamina, get rock solid confidence, and become the ultimate lover? Discover these simple, proven tricks to supercharging your sex life overnight. Check This Out! Shame Share Pin it.

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Sexual shame is the silent killer of sex lives. And it is a worldwide epidemic. Whether you came upon sexual shame via religious programming. In romantic relationships where sex has dropped off, the standard advice to “​communicate" or "spice it up” (as if there's anything to spice up to.

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