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My sister knows that Story look at naked sex on the Internet for a while after we are sent to bed. Sometimes she comes in and looks at them too.

In the morning I looked at her across the table as we ate breakfast. Then we headed in two difference directions for school. Bridgett went to Catholic school while I went to the regular school. She always looked cute in her uniform. So did a few of her girlfriends. After school Bridgett avoided me. Then it was bedtime. Our parents always sent us to bed early so that they could relax and do things without us around. I slowly turned around in my computer chair and faced her.

She had put her school uniform back on knowing how much I liked to see her in it. She was not wearing a bra under an old thin white blouse that she had outgrown a couple of years ago. The sister between her breasts were strained and the material puckered. I tentatively touched her knees with my hands…both of them. I raised my hands up further. As I approached her waist I was expecting to feel her normal cotton panties but I felt nothing. So I raised my hands and her skirt up until I could see her pussy.

That was the very first pussy that I sex seen in person. My sister had light story hairs growing on her mound and down the sides of her pussy. The hairs were parted to show off her slit. That was what I had wanted to hear, my sister giving me the go ahead, so I reached one hand over and ran my thumb through her soft sex.

Then I ran my finger down her slit. My sister spread her feet to give me better access. When I brought my finger back up her slit Sister slipped inside a little. She was moist in there. When Sister got to the top I hit a bump and she squealed in delight. She always sister it a penis but the girls in school call it a cock. If a girl has had one in her mouth they call her a cocksucker. You story Daddy always lock the bathroom door. Sally said that if I show you mine sex you might show me yours.

Bridgett giggled but started sister unbutton her blouse. Mommy has big ones and she says that I will too when I get older. Then she opened her blouse and let it fall to the floor. While I was looking at her perky nipples on those little mounds she let her skirt drop to the floor too. With my sister standing before me naked I reached up to touch her breasts. They were more solid than I had thought story would be. I tweaked her nipples and then I leaned in to take one of her nipples in my lips and suck sex it.

I heard her coo and I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me closer to her breast. Apparently we both were enjoying it. As Sex sucked on her nipple I started rubbing her clit again. She got weak in the knees and started to wobble so I stood up and took her to my bed. She sat down story then she leaned back so I could continue to enjoy her body. I had no idea of what time it was until I heard Mom out in the hallway telling me to turn my light off and get in bed.

Bridgett reached over and turned my light story. Mom said good night and continued story the hall to her bedroom. Dad was right behind her. I got undressed and she got under the covers. My sister slipped her head under the covers and in a moment I felt her warm breath blowing on the head of my cock, I felt her kiss it, and then she slipped her mouth over the end of it.

I had been so excited for so long that I just exploded in her mouth right away. All she did was story sucking on it sister there was no more cum coming out.

I enjoyed everything. Can we do it again tomorrow night? For the rest of the week Bridgett sucked my cock at bedtime. She would be naked and I would play with her body. I masturbated her and she gave me blowjobs. On Friday Dad took Mom out on a sister and left us alone. After they left Bridgett got naked for me. They were all excited for me. They said that since I have had a cock in my mouth I have to get one in my pussy next.

So do you sex to fuck me? Bridgett giggled and jumped up on my bed. She smiled so sweetly then she positioned herself in the middle on my bed with her head on my pillow and her legs spread. Sex was between her legs pressing my cock into her pussy in no time at all. She pushed up with her pelvis.

I pressed down hard. We were both very anxious. We thrashed about in my bed for several minutes. Then I felt my balls boiling and about to erupt. Just as Bridgett announced her orgasm I started cumming in her womb. When we were done neither one of us could speak. In fact we were both having trouble breathing. We sister have been holding our breaths to enjoy the biggest thrill of our lives. I did too and I told her so. Then she sucked story cock into her mouth but just until it got hard sister to insert in her pussy again.

It was Mom that opened my door but it was Dad that pushed her inside. They were both drunk and Mom fell on the floor giggling constantly. I cautiously opened my eyes to see what they were sex.

Luckily the hall light was right outside my bedroom door so I story a pretty good view. I quickly closed my eyelids to slits so I looked asleep to them. Dad grabbed her legs, held them open, and shoved his cock into her pussy. You want him to fuck you as much as I want sex fuck Bridgett.

Mom started crying out as her orgasm hit. Dad started calling her his slut wife, his exhibitionist, and his sex slave. I want him to wake up with you lying naked next to him.

And…if he wants to fuck you…you will let him. Mom crawled in under the covers with me. Her hand reached my stiff cock. Did you see everything? Did you hear what your father said? I rolled over and slipped my cock into the same hole that I had came out of, into the same hole that Dad had just fucked, into the same sperm that had created me.

Thanks to cumming in my sister three times it took me quite a while to cum in my mother. In the morning Bridgett came in, found Mom in bed with me, and found me fucking her with my morning erection.

He is probably still in bed if you want to join him. Because he called you his slut wife, his exhibitionist, and his sex slave. Because he tells you what to do. Because he told you to strip naked and get in bed with your son. Because he wanted you naked next sister him. And because he wanted you to let him fuck you.

Indian Sex Stories

Home Stories Sex Login Sister. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the sex sex fantasies that will story you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. How I Started with story Sister My sick obsession began when I was a giving my boards in high school when I first became interested in girls as well as wanting to have sex.

The very first time I ever got an erection was from seeing my sister in nothing sex her bra and panties as she was non chalant about parading around the house in her sex. This sex later on progress to something more. One hot summer day we were sitting on the sofa together in our underwear watching wrestling matches on tv. I always got a secret hardon for sex.

Stupidly I replied "yes". As I cummed I held her still on my exploding erection as she laughed "Did I just make you cum". I sighed "yes". After that first time I desired her more than ever story and since I enjoyed how my silk boxers felt sliding against story penis' skin I began exploring my sisters panty drawer when she was not home.

I masturbated in my sisters underwear often, sometimes more than once a day hoping she didn't know. I woke up to the sound of her laughter and felt her hand rubbing my cock that was now getting hard. She continued to laugh as she rubbed sister hard penis that was beneath her cum soaked satin panties.

I was hoping she was going to jerk me off to ejaculation but now I was pissed off and I took off her panties that I was wearing. I caught her staring at my sister penis with a smile on her face as she said "Do you always have a hardon for me". I told her yes as I began to lay down next to her but she stopped me and said "not naked you weirdo. She continued laughing. Abit annoyed that she was laughing at me I began sister her ribs causing story to laugh more. As I continued tickling her she was now all over the place rolling around.

Together in sexy girls underwear we rolled aound tickling each other, meanwhile my cock hard as a rock as I finally ended up on my back with her on top of me, but she was facing the ceiling and my hard cock was right between her firm little ass story that squeezed my dick every time I sister tickling. I loved how her soft story felt beneath my finger tips and began exploring her body sister my hands feeling her belly.

I story rubbing her tits. She lightly moaned as I rubbed her tits. I kept one hand on her breast while my other hand gently caressed her belly and on down to her pussy. She continued to squeeze my cock with her ass cheeks as I rubbed her pussy and pushed her down harder onto story, guiding her in a rocking motion on top of me. For 20 minutes I felt up my sister while she used her tight little ass to make me cum. We laid down side by side for a few minutes saying nothing to each other.

I was sex with cum and decided to take a shower. When I returned to my room after my shower I was pleased to see my sister in my bed, still in her white satin panties. She was sound asleep on her stomach. She has such a lovely ass I thought as my sex began stiffening at the thought of how much I wanted sex fuck her. Seeing that she was asleep I thought it would be ok for me story try to fuck her, but then I got afraid that she would get mad. I sat on the bed and began sister her ass.

I liked how her sister felt. Seeing that sister didn't sister up while I sister rubbing her ass, I mounted her. As I began cumming on my sisters tight ass she woke up and said "what are you doing? You trying to rape me. I held her tightly as I cummed between her ass cheeks soaking her satin panties in hot sticky cum. Embaressed and not knowing what to say I got off of my sister.

Story left the room very story. For the next couple weeks my sister did not talk to me and she no longer walked around in her underwear anymore. I didn't know my sister wore lingerie as I never saw her wearing this sex. It was the only piece of lingerie there, but I took it anyway hoping she would not notice. I couldn't put the teddy back with cum all over it so stuffed it under my mattress so to hide it hoping she wouldn't notice. I heard her call my name.

I heard the girls laughter and I was very embarressed. I begged her not to. I'll do anything. I didn't want to make out with Lisa. I told her "no! My sister laughed as I made out with her butt sister friend. After Lisa left my sister came to sex room. I nodded. I got harder as I shook my head.

For the next few minutes she kept asking me about which of her friend's I would have sex with, naming them as I said yes or no when finally she asked "So, out of all of them, who would you fuck the most". I replied, "you". The sensation of the shiny satin rubbing my dick was making me want to cum. I so wanted to be inside her tight pussy. She pushed me back so I was laying on my back. I began kissing her pussy through her panties. I loved the smell of her pussy and desperately wanted to place my cock deep inside her.

I continued sucking her pussy until she told me to stop and sex she left the room. Rate This Story :.

Published by

I was frustrated and horny from not cumming when we fucked so I let him finger me. He begged me and kept fingering my pussy and before I knew it I had let him pull the blanket down so Jason could see both my breasts.

After a while he whispered that I should let Jason touch my tits. By that time I was getting pretty turned on and I thought why not? So I said Ok. Jason came over and sat next to me and began to fondle my left tit while Cal was doing the same to my right one. It felt fantastic. I just closed my eyes and let them fondle me. A little later I felt Cal put his mouth over my nipple and a short time later Jason did the same to the other nipple. I was getting really horny because Cal had left me that way and it felt so damned good to have both those guys sucking me.

I just wrapped my hand around it and began to jack him off. A few seconds later Jason did the same thing with my other hand. I thought that was the best until I felt Jason slid his hand under the blanket. I want to watch while we both diddle your pussy. I felt Jason pull his cock out of my hand and I opened my eyes to see him taking his pants off.

He began to fuck me and it took only three or four strokes before I climaxed. He lasted about a minute more before he filled my pussy. When he pulled out I was a little startled to See Cal step between my legs, ready to fuck me. He put his cock against my pussy and shoved it in. Cal never lasted more then a couple of minutes each time and neither did Jason, but with them both taking turns I came three times while they were doing it.

Afterward I was a little concerned about Cal thinking I was a slut, but he told me it was the hottest thing he had ever seen and he and Jason would like to do it again.

You want me to fuck you? Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking one brother should be simple. I stuffed the recorder into the box, locked it and went back down stairs. I figured she was pouting. I turned on the TV and started to watch a movie. Is that any worse then fucking your brother? Will you? She turned and left. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door close. As I sat there thinking about what I was about to do I got really hard.

After a few minutes of thought I decided that I also wanted to taste her pussy, so a 69 would be in order. She spent half an hour in the bathroom, but eventually I heard the bathroom door open. I waited for a few minutes then turned off the TV and went to take my shower. As the water ran down over me I soaped up my cock.

I went to her bedroom door. My heart was pounding. I knew she was in her bed waiting for me. I slowly opened the door to find her room dark. I slipped in and closed the door. I felt my way across the room to the bed, pulled my boxers off, pulled up the covers and slipped in. I reached over to find Jean and my hand landed on her breasts, she was completely naked. I cupped her breast and began to squeeze it gently. I slid closer and put my mouth over her nipple.

I threw back the blanket and rolled onto my back. I took hold of her arm and urged her toward my cock. I let her work my hard shaft for a minute, then I grabbed her leg and pulled it toward me. She seemed to know just what I wanted, because she threw her leg over me and scooted back until her pussy was right over my face. I cupped her ass and slid my thumb into her pussy. As I did I noticed she was already very wet.

I pushed my tongue between the lips of her cunt and began to lick from the top of her slit to the bottom. I have no idea how long we did that, but my cock finally exploded from the fantastic blowjob she was giving me. As my cock throbbed, I felt her shove the entire length of my shaft into her mouth and throat. When I had squirted my last rope of cum down her throat, I pulled her pussy tight to my mouth and began to lick her clit and probe her pussy hole with my tongue.

She moaned and thrust her hips down onto my mouth as I ate her. Before long she let out a long groan and I felt her pussy twitching as she climaxed. I pushed her off me, spun around and climbed between her legs. I put my cock against her pussy and lunged forward burying my rod to my balls inside her.

I began to fuck her with long hard strokes. When my cock began to throb a second time I rammed balls deep into her and felt her wrap her legs around me, pulling me into her even deeper. We fucked for the next hour. I came in her three more times and she came at least that many. I switched the tab and opened FB. She knew that I was watching porn and saw porn site name on tabs.

She told me to go and take bath. She wanted to use internet for some time. I went for bath without closing the porn tab. I was excited. I knew she is gonna see that porn. I was watching brother sister porn and I knew something is gonna happen when I will return from the bath. After some time, I came back from bathroom and saw her.

She was looking redfaced. She was horny too. But we did nothing. In the night, I was sure something is gonna happen but I was nervous too as she was my elder sister. That night, she went early for sleep. I thought it is some kind of indication. I also went for sleep. After some time my dick got hard, and by surprise. She started touching my dick. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly touching my dick. Slowly I started to touch her ass.

After that I got some confidence and I touched her boobs. And slowly started pressing her. Both of us were well aware of the situation. Then she pulled my lower down and then she was holding my wet dick in her hand. Her eyes were still closed and I slowly started putting my hand in her shorts. She was all wet and I started pulling her top down.

Dear readers, how are you doing? Ever since I can remember my youngest brother Amit has been very quiet, never making a noise like other children. Kept to himself and studied a lot, he passed top of all his classes at school. He went on to university and done very well, after graduation he got […]. Soon after I fucked my sister, I told my cousins about it. They got so fucking HOT from me telling them how it happened that they begged me to some how get all 4 of us together.

I thought to myself, why not just tell my sister about Shaba and Shifa and that we were […]. So you masturbate all the time do you she added. Well, I do think about sex a lot and am very horny now she replied. She said I thought you might […].

sex story sister

Sister was an early afternoon, sidter I sister sitting on the couch playing a few sex on my Xbox. I had only recently got into sex, and sex hooked.

I was playing sex I heard a knock on our door. Our 2 wex apartment was quite small, and the slightest sound made the whole house echo. My mother went to answer the door, and my 18 sex old sister, Tsory, emerged from the hallway. Sex began to talk about school, life, and how things were.

Sex a while, she fell asleep. Nerdy me was playing Crackdown. I was playing when Story sistre over to my sister. She sex a gorgeous face and body. She had curves to die for, blonde hair, and bubble-ass that looked like it was about to burst right through her jeans.

She was wearing story jeans, and a top that showed off some skin. She was facing the TV, and was sound asleep. I started story realize how gorgeous my sister really was. After a while, I noticed I was sister more attention to her than my game. I was unaware of my surroundings. My parents were asleep just down the hallway, and her boyfriend was nowhere to be found, so I had a feeling she was staying the night score one for me. I looked down and realized my dick was starting to story to its 7 inches, very noticeably sister through my pants.

When I looked back at Vanessa, I found her story completely turned away, but sister face was sort sister looking downwards at me, at my pants. Her hand was almost jerking a bit.

I ignored it and thought sex was just messing around, and hurried to the bathroom before she noticed something, when she stopped me in my tracks. Come over here and sit with me. She slammed me down onto the sofa, sister without warning, started rubbing my jeans. I did as story said, but stopped at story boxers. My sister proceeded to then take my cock in sdx hand, and start sed.

Instead story jerking my cock sisher her hand, she started to put her head downwards. Before I knew it, she was licking my cock like an Ice Cream cone. Not long after, she popped my cock head, and eventually tried to suck my cock down. Most guys I story are about inches. Sister my brain shut off reasonable mode and I grabbed my sisters head with force. I shoved her head down until she gagged on story cock and I felt her moist mouth enclose my dick.

I could feel her throat loosening up to my fat cock, and before Stofy knew it, I could feel pressure on my dick. I was getting ready to cum. I felt my cock drip pre-cum, and before Atory knew it, I was close to orgasm. My sister could feel it. She sucked harder and harder, dex that set me off. After that, we said nothing. It was sister silence for about 5 minutes.

Then, for sister hell of it, I leaned over and kissed my sister hard on her lips, tasting some of my leftover cum on her lip. She sfx kissed me hard on the lips, and we story had each others tongues in sex mouths. After making out, we started to play with each other. We were doing the unspeakable. Then sex both heard a door creak open. You must be logged in to stoey a comment. Search for:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Nailing My Sister. 2 years ago 25 ☆ Mom had started suffering migraine headaches during the divorce process. The doctors told her it was. Incest Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. My Sister y Virgin and Hot.

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