Erotic Short Story: The Library

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Kitty had been seeing him come into the university library for the past week now. Lbirary first time was when he asked her where some research volumes were and she ssex him to the third floor. She was attracted to him immediately. Forty something, trim, a little gray but he seemed the athletic type.

He made an excuse to talk to her every time he came in and she flirted with him shamelessly. Today she had planned a little encounter wtory him but it turned out library be a little more than she had hoped. She wore a tight, short skirt and a clingy, button-up sweater, black lace bra and sex and she brought perfume with her. She arranged some work for herself on the third floor and a few minutes after he came in she set off with her cart of books to the third floor stacks.

She splashed a little of her perfume on in the elevator library unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her sweater. The stacks on the third floor were older reference books which people rarely used. She knew he sex be the only one up there and library thought that she would be alone with him made her a little nervous from excitement. Her hands were almost shaking as she pushed the cart out of the elevator. A wicked tempting thought came to her and she quickly ducked into the restroom next to the elevator.

She quickly took off her sweater and then her bra. Her breasts were heaving and her nipples stiff and erect as she put her sweater back on and this time, left the top 3 buttons unbuttoned. This left it unbuttoned down to the middle of her chest. She left the restroom with her heart pounding. She had never done anything as crazy as this before. She pushed the cart to where the tables were, near the back of lbrary room, and he was sitting at one of them taking some notes.

Her breath caught in her sex and she blushed, smiling. She noticed that his eyes lingered on her sex, and that made her blush more and she library to feel herself getting wet. Are you finding everything you need? And library but I need a book that is referenced by sex author. Do you know story you have it? Story had the naughty thought to give him a little show so she leaned over, looking down at the book, her breasts almost dangling out of her sweater. She knew her areolas were story and libfary erect nipples were just on the edges of the sweater.

She could feel his eyes drinking in the sight and the moisture between her legs was almost dripping. She stayed bent over, examining the reference that he was pointing librsry for several seconds and then straightened up. She turned toward the shelves and was looking for the book when he came over, standing close behind her. He put his hand on her arm and it story a thrill up her spine. His warm touch melted her and she froze in her tracks, catching her breath. Sensing the effect, he slowly ran his hand up her arm.

She felt him step up closer behind her and put his other hand on her left arm and slowly caress her again. Do you like my touch? His warm lips sent another electric charge through her body and she felt herself getting library and not wanting him to stop. Sensing her pleasure, he ran his fingers over her ears and then down her neck, stody the front of her chest and boldly cupped her breasts in his shory.

The sweater fell to the floor leaving her topless. He quickly undid her skirt and in one movement pulled the skirt down leaving library standing there totally naked. He ran his hands lovingly along her body, up her thighs and played briefly with her pussy running his finger up and down her wet slit.

She shivered with fear and delight. He pushed her back to the table, sitting her down, spreading her legs in front of him. Kneeling down he buried his face in her pussy, tongue fucking her and licking and sucking her clit. She grabbed his head and moaned and before she realized it she was in story throes of an orgasm.

He continued punishing her clitoris with his tongue and lips, finger fucking her at the same time while she shuddered and moaned through her orgasm. Then he got up, gently pulled her off the table, and had her kneel in front of him. She eagerly undid his shorts and pulled them off. His hard cock jumped out to her and she took the wet tip into her mouth. When he felt her warm, wet lips close over his cock and then suck slowly up and down his shaft he started to moan himself.

He put his hands on the back of her head and started fucking her mouth libray. He wanted to drop his load in her pussy but she wanted to taste every drop of his sex nectar. So she kept sucking on his tip and shaft until he exploded into her mouth. She relished sory first splash of cum, swallowing it story and then continued sucking him until every drop was gone. But he was still hard libraary erect even after his orgasm.

He lay down on the carpeted floor and pulled her down onto his cock, sliding it into her sex in one easy thrust. Erotic passion gripped her completely along with the thought of this wanton sex in the back of the library where they could be caught at any minute. He arched his cock up deeply into her and she rode up and down on him.

She leaned forward supporting herself, arms stretched story to the story next to him and he grabbed her ass with his hands and started sucking her breasts as he thrust into her as deeply as he sex. She quickly sex two or three library orgasms until he finally had to stop, too tired to continue.

He smiled and laughed a little. Just then they heard the ding of the elevator opening and they quickly threw on their clothes. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Previous Previous post: The Renters — part 1. Next Next post: Pretty girls tell pretty lies.

This story remains C Breast Inspector. Unless titled as "Real Life", all stories and characters within are purely fictional. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feedback is very much appreciated More teenage sex stories you might enjoy. What happens when 16 year… Read Story. I met Dave who was a patient… Read Story. Under the blanket I moved… Read Story. The story starts with my… Read Story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

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I believe I have reached half way through my life. I try…. I've always been into girls for as long as I can remember. Love writing erotic stories and would love…. Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. Maybe tonight would be different. He was meant to arrive at but neglected to tell me until 9pm that I had been ditched in favour of a stamp.

Apparently his mother was driving him to Manchester to collect a rare stamp that had just become available. That was a rather clear indication of where I came on his list of priorities, if I needed one. Why did I even bother? I wondered. He was a complete waste of my time anyway. I scraped both plates of lasagna into the bin with a sigh, my appetite lost. I could do better. There must be a man out there for me — a man who would appreciate my intellect and my physically attributes.

I would find myself a new boyfriend, I decided, as I brushed and flossed my teeth, though I had no idea where I would start. It wass at times like these I felt it would have been nice to have a close female friend — or even a group of friends maybe, like those in the rom-com movie last week.

Climbing in to bed a whole hour earlier than usual — well, it felt like a day for breaking routines — I wondered about perhaps going to a social event with my sister, who was a rather lively party animal. I quickly dismissed the idea — I wanted a boyfriend, not alcohol poisoning. There must be a good way to meet intelligent but adventurous men, perhaps someone like the student in the library with the big dick.

I slipped further down between my clean white sheets and inhaled deeply — it was laundry day and I love the scent of freshly laundered linen; I found it quite erotic actually. My mind wandered to the episode earlier in the day — the situation with the couple in the classical reference section.

How would it feel if he was licking and sucking my intimate parts as he had been doing to her? I imagined him running his hands over my breasts, then turning me around so I was looking at the books as he caressed by buttocks, gazing upon me with desire unleashed as I gazed upon the books. I loved those books and knew each one. That couple had been in a Charles Dickens section and in my fantasy I was too. I loved Dickens. Groaning slightly, I delved further into the fantasy… I gripped the oak shelf tightly as the man bent me over and pushed his big dick into me right up to the hilt.

I loved every inch as it filled up my hungry pussy, as he fucked me with it, bringing me to the edge of my senses, to the edge of everything. Then, when I could take the exquisite sensations no more, he withdrew and nuzzled my butt with that stonking penis of his, bringing a feeling of pure delight so intense I was dizzy with it. I encouraged him, this wild adventurous carefree me, to push it inside — urging him on until I felt the head, which was well lubricated with the juices of my arousal, push gently into my tight hole.

I reached out and pulled a book from the shelf — Great Expectations, and I gently held the thick leathery spine against my clit, rubbing myself against it softly as I pushed back against him and he worked his way into my arse with that beautiful cock. I loved Great Expectations, and I loved his cock.

After some time, I came back to Earth from this erotic fantasia, to find myself spent and with very sticky fingers. I slept extremely well that night. The next day, which was my day off, I had made a big decision. It was time for a change. So if I needed to change I order to get one, I was willing to do so. Starting with my attire. Instead I had looked online at the Next clothes models for inspiration and seen one person that I thought looked acceptable.

I was very happy with it. Admiring myself in the mirror before I left for work the following morning, I smiled at my new look, satisfied. The deep blue colour with a floral trim was rather eye catching, I thought. I did look a lot more womanly than usual, I had to admit, even to myself.

My legs looked much longer and shapelier, even with just a one-inch heel — I was amazed. I added a touch of mascara to my lashes before I left. Instead of tying back my silky brown hair, I left it lose so it fell around my shoulders. The second step in my plan to change was an adjustment in my attitude. I mentally made myself available, giving myself a little pep talk on the bicycle ride to work, and I started my working day in high spirits.

I smiled more, to the extent that only two hours into the day my cheeks started hurting but if that was the price to pay for finding a partner then it was a small one, and I was determined to be nicer, more open, and to look out for opportunities at work to make links with men. I beamed with the compliment. I tried to be nice to Jerry that morning too, even though he was particularly gifted at irritating me! Especially the way he insisted on calling me Miss, like I was some old teacher even though at nineteen.

It made me feel ancient. I was only ten years his senior! Just after lunch a man came to the desk who had been using one of the computers. This man was quite attractive, in a college lecturer older man kind of way. He sat back down in his seat and I leaned over him to take the mouse, clicking through to the print options screen.

He jerked backwards, nearly knocking his chair flying, and I felt my cheeks flame with embarrassment. Marjory would just have to sort him out. I hid in the ladies room for a while, to make sure the man had sufficient time to leave before I emerged. Whilst in there, I wondered if this was all futile and I should just forget the whole thing. But then I thought about that couple, and my ensuing fantasy, and I bolstered my enthusiasm again.

Maybe was gay, or married. Yes, perhaps that was it — I would have to make sure to check for wedding rings before I attempted flirting again. I smiled at myself in the mirror, and returned to my mission. A while later I was back at the front desk feeling completely frustrated.

I was getting nowhere with any of my attempts to flirt, and there had been a few. Most had resulted in strange looks and quick exits and I was feeling frustrated, all but ready to give up again, when Marjory pointed out a suspicious looking couple heading downstairs. They were a good-looking pair, him dark skinned and buff, her blonde and curvy, and they kept looking over their shoulders furtively as they headed down.

I was keen to catch these two, but more keen to watch them as I had last time. I walked down the stairs silently, my heels muffled on the carpet. Instead I noticed a lone figure standing in the aisle ahead of me, peering through the books on one of the shelves. What was going on? Was the man perhaps watching the woman do something?

As I got closer, I realized it was Jerry, and he was spying on the couple through the books. My body reacted to this with a delightful quiver, and I moved closer. I held a finger to my lips, telling him to be quiet. Standing behind him, I reached around him and unzipped his jeans slowly, releasing his cock. I wrapped my hand around it. I started to stroke him from behind as he watched the oblivious couple in the next aisle, gripping him firmly and running my hand up and down the length of him.

I could feel his breath growing ragged and I liked the effect it had on me. After a few moments, I dropped down to my knees and encouraged him to turn, so he was facing me, his erection right in my face.

That look caused my own arousal to skyrocket. I took his cock in my hand again, and put it in my mouth. He tasted salty and slightly metallic, and I loved the heat of him in my mouth. I liked that. He wanted it further in my mouth, I could tell, so I clutched his buttocks with my hands and let him push it in deeper until it was near the back of my throat, almost hitting my gag reflex.

There was something so thrilling about having my mouth full of cock. I started to suck on it, moving my head backwards and forwards so it would feel as if he were fucking my mouth. I could tell he liked it, I could hear him moan ever so quietly.

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Student discovers a glory hole in the library bathroom. and other exciting erotic 'library' stories .. Young librarian has sex with Asmodeus, the demon of lust. In the Library. Kitty had been seeing him come into the university library for the past week now. The first time was when he asked her where.

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