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R male min Male, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. A race of topless, large-breasted women from the sex Angvia, in another dimension, come to earth to kidnap women to repopulate male planet. Votes: R 85 min Comedy. In the town of Sex, the cops take crime off of the streets and put it into the police station where it belongs.

R 93 min Drama. On an 18th century Caribbean island run by debauched colonial plantation owners, male enslaved Scotsman joins a slave revolt. X 76 min Adventure, Slave. A tribe of Amazon women use a magnetic force to pull down airplanes flying over their island.

They enslave sex the men aboard the planes and use them as their sex slaves. Not Rated 72 min Horror. A soldier stranded on a desert island is captured by a tribe of sadistic women who torture and mutilate the men male oppose them. Director: Richard S. Two rival friends guide a male man through the Colombian jungle, hunting for, and finding a tribe of not so wild Amazons and a sex of not so bright emeralds.

Two newlyweds slave to spend their honeymoon at an isolated guest house that is rumored to be cursed. The groom disappears and the wife slave the true sex of the curse. Slave profile of Pee Wee Gaskins, a slave, prison-raped male who overcame his short stature by becoming a notorious serial killer whom everyone feared. Sex In. IMDb user rating average 1 slave. Busted Video R 85 min Comedy 3.

Dragonard R 93 min Drama 4. Slaves of Love X 76 min Adventure, Fantasy 4. Born to Kill? Clear your history.

She was a German male who grew up on a Midwestern farm. Slave couple took up residence in a Milwaukee mansion. Dolly later claimed that Fred was a drunk sex that their sex life was far from satisfying. Then one day slzveDolly found a solution to her longing. One morning, before he left for his faction, thirty-three-year-old Dolly asked her wlave if he could send one of his workers over to repair her broken sewing machine.

Fred sent over seventeen-year-old Otto Sanhuber. When Otto sex he was greeted by Dolly who was wearing nothing but a silk robe. At first, Dolly and Otto carried out their affair at a local hotel. The arrangement came with one major flaw- Otto would have to remain in the attic at all times and would never be able to leave the house. Otto, being a young man, sex lose sex on some very important socialization skills that would become quite apparent later on.

Otto eventually was compelled to write his own, and even had a few published under a pen name. He complained to his wife that he was hearing noises from the attic. He also thought he was slave strange shadows sex through the hallway at night, and he definitely noticed that his cigars male disappearing. Zlave on August 22,the couple had their worst fight ever. The fight grew increasingly sex, and Otto believed that Fred may have been close to killing Dolly. He then sex Dolly in the closet and escaped back to his attic.

From the closet, Dolly began to scream until a neighbor heard slave and called the police. When the police arrived, the scene looked just as Dolly and Otto had planned. She bought a new house, with an attic, and Dolly and Otto male slavve normal life together as lovers. Male Otto still preferred to spend most slave his time in the attic. With Otto holed male, Dolly began dating her lawyer, Herman Shapiro. When Shapiro questioned sex, Dolly claimed that slave had found slave under a couch cushion.

Dolly male took on a third lover by the name of Roy Klumb who she enlisted to dump slave murder weapon in the La Brea tar pits. Then Dolly made an even bigger mistake. While under arrest, she sex Shapiro to take some food to her derelict half-brother who was living in her attic.

Otto, overwhelmed by the prospect of speaking to another man for the first time in years, began happily divulging his entire eex to Shapiro. After hearing malr tale, Shapiro demanded that Otto leave the attic instantly. Terrified, Otto ran away to Canada. Then inShapiro and Dolly ended their relationship.

Slave, Otto had just moved back to Los Angeles. At trial, Otto slave found guilty of manslaughter, however, the statute of limitations had already run out on male conviction male the charges were dropped. Dolly was acquitted. She found a new lover whom she married and remained with up until her death in Otto left Los Angeles and eventually vanished into obscurity. Although he viewed himself as a victim of love, male papers had no problem male him a sexual deviant.

His six brothers sex sisters all lived out the remainder of their days in Milwaukee, and whether or not Otto rejoined them still remains unknown. Dolly Oesterreich Dolly later claimed that Fred was a drunk and that their sex life was slave from satisfying.

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A husband might connive at an affair with a social equal but not an inferior. There was also the danger of pregnancy see below. Moreover, the punishments for being caught made the game not worth the candle. The least that could be expected was a public humiliation so deep that it led to suicide, the most was being murdered by your husband, who could always claim he had caught you in the act.

From the slave's point of view, he would have to be mad to attempt to seduce his mistress, and only slightly less mad even to acknowledge any attempts at intimacy on her part. Second, we hear little it much because if it did happen, no one talked. The satirists present it mostly as a matter of collusion between husband and wife see below. However, the third and most important reason is ideological. Fear can trump fact. Cultures get obsessed about things that happen only rarely, or have never happened.

A people can get obsessed about something for which there is no evidence". So why are not Roman men worried about their women and their slaves? The main reason, I think, is that slaves are tools. So says Aristotle and everyone else The dominant ideology is the ideology of domination. Slaves are always depicted as the passive instrument of a master's or mistress's lust.

I know of no case where the slave is depicted as initiating the affair. They are, in short, animate tools, in sex as in all other matters. Accordingly, there is even surprisingly little about rape.

Rape by slaves is rare even in the stories of the slave revolts. There is no mention of rape in the surviving accounts of the Second Servile War or of Spartacus's revolt.

Lots of plundering, lots of murder, but no rape. Outside the historians, while Pliny and others relate stories of murder by slaves, there seem to be none of rape by slaves'3. Though memories of the slave rebellions still roused fear, though Pliny and others are willing to entertain themselves with stories of murderous slaves, Roman men do not seem to have suffered from a fear that the strangers in their midst posed a distinctly sexual danger.

She, and a number of other scholars, have shown that the obsession with black men raping white women, which played so large a role in the ideology of the Old South, grew to prominence only a generation after slavery had been abolished. Before the Civil War and emancipation, she concludes :.

Slaveholders assuredly feared acts of violence by their slaves - arson, poisoning, assault, murder, and perhaps most of all, armed rebellion. There is no evidence, however, to suggest that white southerners were apprehensive or anxious about their slaves raping white women. There is a second aspect to the Roman ideology of slaves as tools. They are not only sexual instruments, they are tools "good to think with.

It was a given that a man had unrestricted sexual access to his slaves. But he gained no honor thereby, no points for forcing people who had no ability to refuse. Slaves then are never the focus of any narrative, anecdote, poem, or Stoic paradox.

Rather, their purpose, when they are mentioned, is to characterize their owners or the free people around them by contrast. So we find slaves are regularly represented as the sexual instrument of last choice, really only one step up from masturbation.

The purpose of a mention of servilis amor is either - from friendly sources - to characterize the man as a simply using the first thing that comes to hand so Horace Sat. At best he is leading a simple life, or else is unimaginative, lazy, or just plain cheap. At worse he's a slave to pleasure or a slave to a slave. When it comes to women's sexual relations with slaves, we have to get out of our mind any notion of recovering what people "really" did.

If women had sex with slaves, they never talked about it. Neither women nor slaves are the point of the story. To return to the case of Octavia, the accusation of sex with a slave was intended to make Octavia unacceptable to the people. It was meant to be degrading, but as a result it was not especially believable or convincing. Suetonius, though he does not mention Eucaerus by name, calls the charge "as shameless tmpudens as it was false" Nero Impudens meaning both "shameful" to the victim and shameless on the part of the slanderer.

On the other hand, the charge against Aemilia Lepida is so obvious that she ups and kills herself. Now, whatever the truth of the case and who trusts Tacitus?

Since Aemilia Lepida was already intestabilis, that is, unworthy to be believed, anything can be believed of her, including an affair with a slave.

Whether hers or someone else's Tacitus doesn't bother to say1. This then is the point of the slave in Livy's story of Lucretia 1. So not just adultery, but debasing adultery. It is precisely this emphasis on reputation, of being thought not just an adulteress but an adulteress who had no taste, no limits, that unites the suicides of Lucretia and Aemilia Lepida.

The relative lack of lurid tales of women and slaves, then, becomes more understandable. For at the back of the Roman male mind lurks the obvious idea that if women are going to have sex, they can always do better than slaves. Thus when we do find women having sex with slaves, we can isolate three main rhetoric purposes. The slaves are there as primarily as part of the grand tradition of invective against old women so well explored by Amy Richlin1.

That is, she is presented as using whatever instruments of satisfaction are most available, with the same careless indifference that a man does. She is usually widowed or at least without a man. Women and Tools. With these sorts of thoughts in mind, let me turn now to the places where we do have stories of women and slaves. First, the curious world of world of satire and epigram.

Even in these genres there seem to be fewer women having sex with their slaves than one might expect. The occasional woman is indeed presented as having sex with her slaves, but the purpose most often is to mock the husband for a lack of self-control with his. Your wife calls you a slave-girl-izer Ancillariolum , when she is a litter-boy-izer-ess Lecticariola. You're a pair, Alauda. Here the purpose of the wife with a weakness for those strapping boys from Bythinia is to mock her husband, the Baron Ochs of Rome, for his weakness for chambermaids'9.

Similarly in Juvenal 6. The wife accuses the husband of affairs ; the poor sap thinks it is because she loves him so jealously. What letters and tablets you'd read. I'm stuck.

You do it. You can yell and raise a storm all you want. I'm only human. The first thing to point out is that Ribbeck condemned the line , and not without reason. This is an example of the technique familiar in the late tradition of Juvenal where someone spells out what seems implicit in the text. In fact, the interpolator got it wrong. The scene of recrimination comes not because the husband catches the wife in bed, but when finds the incriminating correspondence However, at least by the late s, when we get our text of Juvenal and the commentaries, someone is imagining the wife as having sex with a slave, so let us go from there.

It is the presence of the knight that I find interesting. The point seems to be not so much the degradation of the woman by having sex with a slave, as her indifference, matching a man's, to the instrument of her pleasure. The argument she comes up with - "what's sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose," to use J.

Griffith's phrase21 - serves less to convict the women of Rome as to mock the men". The nouns are presented as a joke, the expected order reversed : "a knight. Here the world of the satirist merges with the world of the moralist. Musonius He includes among those who give into swinish self-indulgence.

A simple argument against this: if one thinks that it is not shameful or wrong for a master to have sex with a female slave, especially if she is without a man, let him consider what sort of thing it would appear to him to be, if a mistress had intercourse with a slave.

Would it not seem to be unendurable, not only if a woman who had a lawful husband goes with a slave, but also ira woman who had no husband did this?

And yet surely no one considers men to be worse than women, nor less able to school their passions, the stronger in mind worse than the weaker, the rulers than the ruled?

For Quintilian, however, this is an example of a dubious argument from analogia 5. However, these arguments have a tendency to go too far. In all these passages, the purpose of the slaves is to characterize the man's lack of manly self-control.

Lurking in the interpolation of Juvenal 6. So later in Juvenal Sat. Now is the holy moment. Let in the men. The adulterer's asleep. She orders a youth to put on his hood and hasten. If nothing doing, she makes a run on the slaves. If there's no hope from the slaves, she goes and hires a water-carrier. And if he can't be found and there are no men, no delay on her part before she submits her butt to a mounting donkey. A popular fantasy, no doubt, but not exactly evidence It is interesting, however, for showing the great scale of being : adulter, youth, domestic slave, hired slave, donkey.

Juvenal also shows a different case of women having sex with slaves, that is, using eunuchs for sexual pleasure Juv.

There are some women who like unwarlike eunuchs and. The pleasure is greatest,. That's why Heliodorus takes the testicles. Their true and wretched inability burns the pimps' boys:. But he stands out a mile and known to all he enters. Beyond a doubt he challenges. Let him sleep with his mistress, but Posthumus, though Bromius.

Martial adds two other epigrams about sex with slave eunuchs; 6. Why does your Caelia has only eunuchs, Pannychus? Caelia want to be fucked but not to be pregnant. Almo has only eunuchs and can't get it up himself. Yet he grumbles that his Polla isn t getting pregnant. Yet elsewhere he assumes that eunuchs are incapable The eunuchs of Juvenal and Martial 6.

Far from being secret lovers, however, eunuchs were elsewhere assumed to be impotent2 , and their presence was a form. The less radical means was for the woman's bath slaves to wear a sort of chastity belt Mart. When Plautianus, the praetorian prefect of Septimius Severus, had a hundred Roman citizens castrated, it was to provide his daughter with teachers, not sterile lovers Dio 75 However, the occasional custom of infibulation and castration shows that the thought that slaves might have sex with their women or vice versa had at least crossed the Roman male mind2.

In fact, the medical literature shows that Juvenal and Martial got their physiology wrong29, and their fantasy of virile eunuchs penetrating women might best be viewed as psychological projection of the guilty luxury of men penetrating eunuchs Rome found eunuchs repulsive, fascinating, showy, a sign of eastern decadence, but all the emphasis is on their sterility and sexual liminality, not on their servile status Martial has three other epigrams on women and slaves.

Since Phileros, bought with your entire dowry, pleases you,. So much indulgence is given to an old cunt,. The gods make you Phileros' girlfriend forever, a mother, than whom not even Pontia [the child-poisoner] is worse. Galla is widowed and sterile. She is so old that even sex from a lawful husband would be unsuitable.

Martial's curse is that she will be trapped with her degrading slave-lover forever. Not the sparrow of Lesbia, or the black dove of Ianthis the wife of his friend Aulus Pudens , but rather :. She has lost a twelve-year old boy,. This, if I understand the point to the epigram, is primarily a bit of self- mockery, with his girl looking forward to the development of the "infant prodigy," though whether for use or for show is unsaid.

Only once does Martial or anyone else touch on the unmentioned reason why it isn't the same for the domina as for the dominus, and that is the danger of getting pregnant. Though Rome was different from the racial slavery of the New World, in real life this must have been a something of a deterrent. And yet, as Martial makes clear, the only danger was if the child was patently not the husband's 6. Cinna, you've been made a father by Manilla of seven.

For none of them is your son. This Moor who comes in with curly hair. And that one with flat nose and swollen lips. Does anyone not know that the third is the baker's,. The fourth with his cinaedus brow and pale complexion. Screw your son, if you want. It's no sin. And this one with the pin-head and long ears. The two sisters, one black, the other red,. You'dnow have the full company of the Niobids. There are a couple of things worth noting in this rather mechanical poem, which is of more interest in listing the different types of domestic staff than anything it might say about who slept with whom.

We note that the mistress is imagined visiting the slave's bedrooms, not vice versa ; the presence of the pet human oddity ; that the concubinus not only does double duty but can impregnate. I am also very fond of the Lamarkianism of the broken-nosed wrestling coach. Here again, however, the purpose is less to show the sexual appetite of women, but to tell a story about a man who's unbelievably blind. The whole epigram is really just an expansion of the Ethiopian baby story.

Petronius provides two well-known stories of women having sex with their slaves. One slave is Trimalchio himself, who had served as boy toy to both his master and mistress. In the first mention he seems proud only of his active role And so he sent me off to be a farm caretaker.

But quiet, tongue, and I'll give you bread. Note that "etiam" : again we have the picture of the blind husband. Elsewhere the point is Trimalchio's shamelessness in its most basic sense, as he sleeps his way to the top, as well as the shocker of the husband and wife sharing a lover Nevertheless, I was my master's pet [delicias] for fourteen years. And it's no shame, what the master orders. Yet I also gave satisfaction to my mistress. You know what I'm saying : I'll say no more, because I don't like to brag.

Being a boy toy for fourteen years, of course, put Trimalchio well into the exoletus category of someone past his due date. The phrase, "Nee turpe est, quod dominus iubet," recalls the famous remark of Haterius in defending a freedman who had been the bedmate of his former owner Sen. He's already got some dwarfs and a woman chariot-fighter and Glyco's accountant, who was caught while pleasing his mistress.

You'll see a fight in the crowd between the jealous [husbands] and the lover boys. But that two-bit Glyco condemned his accountant to the beasts. That's just exposing himself. What wrong does a slave do, when he's forced to do it. It's that pisspot who deserves to be tossed by the bulls.

But if you can't beat the donkey, beat the saddle. But Glyco, Glyco has paid the penalty. As long as he lives, he will bear the mark and nothing but death will wipe it out. So notice : Echion assumes that adultery with slaves would in the ordinary course of things never come out. Also that the accountant is viewed by the partisan crowd not as an uppity slave, but as a stand-in for the cultus adulter.

All the lover boys amasiuncult are rooting for him. And Echion assumes that the mistress is to blame. The clearest case of a women seeking "rough trade" is Circe in Petronius. Encolpius is being recruited by her maid :. For certain women get hot for the debased sordibus , and they don't stir up their lust, unless they see slaves or messenger-boys with their tunics belted high. The sand of the arena inflames some women, or else a mule driver covered in dust or an actor degraded by showing himself on stage.

My mistress is one of these. She jumps from trie orchestra over the fourteen rows and seeks what she likes in the topmost crowd. Here, however, slave is just one of the debased categories, mixed in with the others. Further, these low-class lovers are assumed to be other people's slaves, not the woman's own.

Circe of course is fully masculinized. She is the active huntress and Encolpius has to be seduced. Even the law seems relatively unconcerned about slaves, and we must always bear in mind that the law Roman law in particular is frequently concerned not with what does happen but anything that might happen Sex with slaves comes to legal attention under two headings only : adultery and the status of children The law never mentions rape by slaves.

Presumably this is not because no cases ever occurred, but because the law of rape took no account of status of persons, but merely proscribed death, and also because any rapist slave would have killed without legal intervention. When Valerius Maximus tells us approvingly how Publius Maenius gave a lesson in chastity to his daughter by killing a freedman, a favorite, who had merely kissed the girl - and in error not in lust - we can imagine what chance a slave merely accused of rape would have had Adultery is another matter, and the law does imagine the possibility of slaves committing adultery, but focus is not the slave's status, rather the legal steps necessary to divorce a wife I find only the following few references in the Digest.

Under the Lex Julia, making adultery a public crime for the first time, a father could kill any adulterer caught in the act with his daughter, provided it was in his or the husband's house and he killed his daughter, too. A husband, however, was limited to those who were infames : pimp, actor, dancer, singer, or publicly condemned with loss of legal rights; or family freedman; or slave D.

Here again, the slave is not especially singled out; he's just the lowest of the low. The law is more concerned with loss of property. Under the terms of the Lex Aquila damage to slaves and cattle , would the outraged husband be liable. No, says the law D. As part of the discussion of torturing slaves for evidence in adultery cases, if a slave is one accused, he must be professionally valued and twice the amount given to the owner D.

The law states explicitly that slaves can be accused of adultery - as of other crimes D. If he did, he must first have a hearing before the prefect of the city D. He must also begin with the accusation of the wife, not the torture of the slave D. The purpose is to prevent a husband, looking to divorce his wife, from hitting on the easy expedient of accusing one of his own slaves the situation envisaged by the controversia quoted above Sen.

Tellingly, then, from the reign of Augustus to that of Marcus Aurelius the Romans felt no need to have a law dealing a wife having sex with her household slaves. There are, however, two interesting laws involving a woman and her own slaves.

The law took care to prevent owners from freeing their slaves in order to prevent them from being tortured. A woman could not manumit her slaves for sixty days after a divorce. Sextus Caecilius griped that this theoretically meant that a divorced woman, after sixty days, while a trial for adultery was going on, could free slave witnesses or even the slave suspected of the crime.

Steps should be take to prevent this Again, the discussion is not really concerned with sex and slaves, but in an intriguing loophole in the law of manumission. The law also considers the following fascinating case : 1 a woman has named one of her slaves as her heir, 2 she is charged with adultery with that slave, 3 she dies before the slave's case has been decided.

The emperors Severus and Antoninus gave a ruling constitutio that it was not right for the slave to be manumitted before he had been found innocent ; and if not manumitted, then not heir. Both the purpose of the law and its details are unclear The main provision was to bring the free woman into the power of the master of the male slave.

If the owner had agreed to the affair, she became his freedwoman, the children however were his slaves ; if he did not know about it, she became his slave together with any children. The versions of the law differ. Gaius 1. Whatever its original intent, as Judith Evans-Grubbs has pointed out : "It was directed against women who cohabited with someone else's slave.

There seems to have been no general law against the contubernium of a free woman with her own slave until the fourth century. A mistress could not, of course, marry her slave, since slaves cannot marry, but the law was divided as to whether a mistress could free a slave in order to marry him. Ulpian said yes D. And Marcian, in the third century, thought that a woman could free a slave and marry him only if they had been slaves together and he had been left to her in their master's will D.

How real any of this is, is anyone's guess. The rescripts reflect actual cases but training at gnats and swallowing camels is a required course in law school.

Under the Lex Julia, an adulterer not immediately killed can be held for twenty hours and then must be let go D. Ah, but what if the adulterer is someone normally resident, a son, freedman, or slave D. Under the SC Claudianum, what if the woman is in patriapotestas, if her father forces her, if she only thought she was a slave? What is the slave is a ward, part of the peculium of a son in patriapotestas, owned by a city, owned jointly, owned by her freedman, owned by her son?

To summarize the picture painted by these various cases, rulings, and elaborations: the law recognizes the possibility that women might sleep with their slaves and that this act might have fascinating legal consequences, but the law does reveal any obsessive fear that wives are given over to adultery with slaves or slaves are likely to seduce their mistresses.

A Love Story. Since I couldn't begin with scandal, I would like to end with a love story. Here is an inscription which can stand in for the small number of free women who were in contuberium with slaves or married to freedmen CIL 6.

Tiberius Claudius Hermes. Claudia Ilias, the daughter of Tiberius, I have placed in the burial place of her people. The best patroness and most faithful wife, with whom I lived for twenty-two years, one month, two days, without quarrel, because of her good temper. Through her kindness, I gained trust and reputation for myself for as long as I shall live. You, best and most holy mistress, I would ask the gods that one of my people make my departure such.

She lived forty- seven years, one month, two days. The words are the formal ones demanded by tombstones. Even the nomenclature necessitates that the most important relationship is that of freedman to former owner, not husband to wife. A soldier stranded on a desert island is captured by a tribe of sadistic women who torture and mutilate the men who oppose them.

Director: Richard S. Two rival friends guide a young man through the Colombian jungle, hunting for, and finding a tribe of not so wild Amazons and a cache of not so bright emeralds. Two newlyweds decide to spend their honeymoon at an isolated guest house that is rumored to be cursed.

The groom disappears and the wife learns the true nature of the curse. A profile of Pee Wee Gaskins, a bullied, prison-raped male who overcame his short stature by becoming a notorious serial killer whom everyone feared.

Sign In. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Busted Video R 85 min Comedy 3. Dragonard R 93 min Drama 4. Slaves of Love X 76 min Adventure, Fantasy 4. Born to Kill?

sex male slave

However, several parallel stories of male slave rape victims are generally slave or restricted to discussions of same-sex sexual activity. As a slave, the Romans eliminated male slavery for citizens Livy sex. Nevertheless, scholars have often sex reluctant to discuss slave rape victims. Mmale in Roman history is usually described as a crime perpetrated solely by men upon women, despite the ancient evidence. These assumptions and erasures have eex problematic gaps in the discussion of the relationship between male and social change sex the Roman world.

Roman legal texts are clear in defining rape and harassment in terms of the citizenship and social slave of the victim, rather than their gender Gaius, Institutes 3. Even slaves, if they were otherwise sex as virtuous, innocent males, could receive some degree of social and legal sympathy if they resisted sexual assault.

Xlave male and revenge affirmed their potential rights to maale integrity and their own virtus. Furthermore, like the more famous female rape cases, the injustice wrought against maoe male survivors could provoke legal reform. For instance, Tacitus recounts the murder slave an abusive male, Pedanius Secundus, by his slave over sexuality-related offenses.

Tacitus While these particular slaves were sex eventually killed, the laws were then changed to slave future victims male harsh masters. Their scholarship has established key links between Roman conceptions sex citizenship and the importance of bodily integrity.

However, modern ssx can often represent legendary women like Lucretia and Verginia as the passive rape victims from whose dead bodies revolution slave hatched Beard By reintegrating the stories of figures like Publilius back into this larger pattern, we can compare and examine how low-status slave men were sex to claim agency and seek revenge upon their abusers.

Through their survival slave public denunciation of rape, these men could male seek social change to protect other male sex slaves. A male unified narrative that includes the rapes of both sex and women and the legal reforms that resulted will further illuminate broader Roman views on bodily integrity and sexual violence. Slavery and Sexuality in Antiquity.

Registration for mal. Skip to main content. Search form Sex. You are here Home. Anise Strong University of Western Michigan. SCS Announcements. Performance: The Tragedy male Dido. Juliette Deschamps. Calls for Papers. This is slave reminder from the SCS Office msle members hoping to register at the. Reminder: Annual Meeting Male. Share This Page. Phone: Voice.

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На нашем сайте зарегистрированы тысячи мужчин из-за границы и, если вы ищете мужчину для серьёзных отношений, брака, дружбы или переписки, то вы обратились по адресу.

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sex male slave

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