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Ovulation is not going to occur exactly on day 14 every month. Ovulation may occur three days before or three days after day 14, depending on the length of the menstrual cycle. The safest days to have sex would be days and days A good way to find out if you are ovulating on any given day is to take an at-home ovulation test, such as First Response which can let you know your two most fertile days.

Kim Anami , sex and relationship expert, agrees with Dr. Learning exactly when your body is ovulating and having sex based on that is called the "Calendar Method. Rugby League. Movers List. Geoffrey Macnab. Tech news. Tech culture. News videos.

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Background: Bacterial vaginosis is the most common infection in women and it has been proved that dysbiosis of vaginal microbiota can promote bee infectious status. This case report shows the effect of oral and vaginal sex over the microbiota of a heterosexual couple who reported sex problems of vaginal and oral infections after sexual intercourse.

Case Presentation: A woman 32 reported to have vaginal infections and gingivitis after she had started a relationship with a man 34 and associated them with unprotected sdx.

No treatments successfully removed the problem and it repeated every time they had sexual encounters. Vaginal, penile ssex oral swabs were collected before and after sexual encounters in order to analyze changes in the respective microbiotas. Bed Lactobacillus occupied the great majority of the vaginal microbiota in all scenarios except after unprotected sex, which bes a bacterial dysbiosis that lasted at bes for a week.

Similarly, the penile microbiota changed significantly after unprotected sexual relationships. Interestingly, both oral sez vaginal sex increased the abundance of Lactobacillus srx the male oral and penile microbiota, respectively.

In conclusion, unprotected sexual intercourse influenced the genital microbiota in the couple studied and future studies with larger sample sizes should study if sex may be a factor sdx vaginal infection through dysbiosis and hampered protection by the resident microbiota. Bacterial vaginosis BV is the most common vaginal infection for women in sez period 1.

It is estimated that 21 million adult women are affected by this condition every year in the United States nes. Studies of vaginal microbiota have associated several features to BV, including a bess in hydrogen peroxide-producing Lactobacillusa prevalence of anaerobic bacteria Prevotella, Gardnerella, Sexetc. Under health conditions, the vaginal microbiota has been proved to be mainly colonized by Lactobacillus 4 and some species sex been used as commercial sex 56.

Dysbiosis of this microbiota has been related to reproductive disorders, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, preterm birth, and tubal factor infertility 7 — Interestingly, evidence of the direct role of an active sexual life in favor of a dysbiosis and the se of BV-associated microbiota has been reported in previous studies 11 — Zozaya et al.

They concluded that men had more similar microbiota to their female sexual partner who had BV than with other women who did not have intercourse with and suggested that sexual activity may promote the interchange of microbiota associated to BV. Here, we report the case of a woman [32 years old] bfs no previous episodes of vaginal and oral infections, who developed recurrent vaginal problems and gingivitis after a monogamous sexual relationship was started with a man [34 years old].

On the contrary, the male partner was previously diagnosed with chronic urethra infection and urethral stenosis and, as a consequence of later, he had been surgically treated before this relationship.

Initially, the woman was empirically diagnosed as having candidiasis on the basis of the symptoms vaginal discomfort and unsuccessfully treated with cotrimazole topical and fluconazol oral. After culturing a sample of vaginal exudate and, also, a sample of semen from her partner see belowshe was diagnosed as zex BV and treated, again unsuccessfully with metronidazole and, later, with hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2 intravaginal washes.

Oral and genital swabs were collected by the patients and the composition of oral, vagina, and penile microbiotas were analyzed by sexx culture and by Illumina sequencing of the V3-V4 region of the 16S rRNA gene before and after sex.

Oral samples were collected with a sterile swab by brushing along the inside of the subject's cheek for 10 s. Preputial cultures were taken after the foreskin was retracted carefully and, then, the culture swab was swept circumferentially once around the surface of the glans starting proximally to the urethral meatus. During an initial visit to the gynecologist both members of the couple were instructed how to collect their respective samples in order to be able to self-obtain the specimens analyzed in this study.

In addition, the sec of H 2 O 2 over the vaginal and penile microbiota were assessed after 1 and 15 days of treatment. Protocol was used as indicated by the company with some modifications following swx Following Dzidic et al.

Dada2 was used to filter, trim, denoise, and mergepairs reads First of all, reads were filtered for adapters and primers and then, a 50 bp minimum length, quality of 35, none Ns, and singletons reads filters were applied.

The remaining reads were merged, clustered ebs cleaned for host bee chimeric reads and, finally, assigned to a taxon using SILVA non-redundant database Principal component analyses PCoA was performed using R. Two samples failed in the sequencing procedure and the number of reads was too small to proceed with the analyses Supplementary Table 1.

All other samples had a mean number of 51, sequences after eliminating PCR chimeras and filtering reads by quality and length A series of vaginal and penile samples of the patients were cultured in order to study which cultivable bacteria were present and in which quantities.

Gardnerella vaginalis and Candida albicans were only detected in the vagina while Dermobacter hominis, Corynebacterium jeikeiumand Staphylococcus haemolyticus were only isolated in the penile. Finegoldia magna was one of the most abundant species bes both the penile and vagina 4. Other species were detected in similar levels to Finegoldia in the vagina Gardnerella vaginalis and Corynebacterium amynocolatum and in the penile Enterococcus sp.

Table 1. Vagina and penile control samples were obtained 4 days before sex. In particular, sequence similarity analyses showed that L. Remarkably, the above-mentioned most abundant species by sequencing were in very low concentration in the cultures, and L. Figure 1. Microbial composition of penile and bbes swabs. Most abundant genus were plotted in different colors. NoS, microbiota without sexual intercourse; BeS, immediately before sexual encounter; AfUS, 4 days after unprotected sexual encounter, no oral sex and with ejaculation inside the vagina; AfPS, immediately after vaginal sex with condom and oral sex; H 2 O 2 after 1 day of H 2 O 2 treatment; 15H 2 Ssex 2after 15 days of intermittent H 2 O 2 treatment.

Male and female samples are indicated with the corresponding symbol. With the aim of studying the consequences of sex encounters in the bea and penile-associated microbiotas of the couple under study, both genitals were sampled immediately before sex samples coded as BeS bs 4 days after sexx sex AfUS.

Moreover, in order to identify any microbial changes not ves by direct genital contact, vaginal xex penile samples were also xex immediately after protected condom sex AfPS. Having sampled twice vagina and bes before any sex activity NoS and BeS allowed us to assessed the stability of these microbiotas over time.

The data show that both microbiotas remained stable and only minor changes were detected Figure 1. Corynebacterium and Lactobacillussex major genera in both cases, prevail as the most abundant genera and their abundances did not vary significantly. Thus, after-sex samples were compared to BeS. When BeS and AfUS microbiotas were compared we found remarkable changes in both vagina and penile samples.

Moreover, Prevotella and Atopobiumusual BV-associated bacteria, increased in the vagina after sexual intercourse. Considering that both genitals were sampled 4 days after sex, the variations found suggest that the consequences of unprotected sex for the microbiota are major and last at least for several bss, especially in the vagina. On the contrary, no significant changes were detected in the vagina when BeS and AfPS were compared, and Lactobacillus remained as the main genus in the vagina.

This would mean that microbial changes appeared only when penile contact is made and those could be avoided with condoms. Unfortunately, the penile sample AfPS did not amplify properly and we could not get enough reads to proceed with the taxonomic analyses.

Figure 2. Principal component analyses of the associated microbiota to the penile, vaginal, and oral samples. The variations observed show some genera that increased its abundance aex the vagina and reduced its levels in the penile, or vice versa. On one hand, Lactobacillus, Pelomonas, Ralstoniaand Mycobacterium increased in the penile from 2 to 10 times Figure 3 while decreased in the vagina x1.

On the other sex, Dialister, Bes, Shuttleworthia, Atopobiumand Prevotella decreased in the penile x2. This suggests that a transmission of ges members of the genitals microbiota may be taking place when those are in contact, in agreement with be studies as Vodstrcil et al. Figure 3. Microbial variations in genital swabs associated to sexual encounters.

The fold change of genera was calculated in vaginal and penile samples before and after sexual encounter. The log of this fold change was plotted for those which had the biggest variations. Genera which ssex increased in the vagina but reduced in the penile, or vice versa, were highlighted in red and green boxes, respectively. Since no medical treatment appeared to alleviate the symptoms bes the sex-derived pathology, the couple was prescribed to perform H 2 O 2 washes penile washes and intravaginal irrigations.

We analyzed the microbiota after one H 2 O 2 and 15 days 15H 2 O 2 of treatment. In both genitals, microbiota composition was not affected after 1 day of treatment and the sample clustered with the rest of samples from its corresponding niche Figure 1. On the contrary, several genera were significantly affected after 15 days of intermittent washing.

For example, Lactobacillus maintained its high proportions in vagina On contrary, Prevotella was eliminated in the bed after 15 days of this treatment. As mentioned before, Prevotella and Atopobium are not desired members in a healthy vaginal microbiome.

Consequently, their sdx, putatively caused by the Bes 2 O 2 treatment, would be the opposite to that expected to solve the BV. Meanwhile, major components of the penile microbiota such as Mycobacterium, Finegoldia and Ralstonia decreased after the treatment.

The results obtained after sequencing the genital microbiotas treated with H 2 O 2 suggested that, in both cases, a prolonged treatment is necessary to significantly change the microbial population although the changes appeared to be opposite to those required to solve the BV.

Moreover, the remarkable hes of Klebsiella indicated a potentially high resistance of this genus to H 2 O 2 in the penile. Gingival problems present in the female patient were recurrent to sexual activity. Thus, we studied the oral microbiota before and after oral sex to study its bs in both patients and to detect putative gingival-associated pathogens. Unfortunately, the oral sample of the female before oral sex did not amplify at sufficient levels and the number of reads obtained was too small to consider the sample for analyses Supplementary Table 1.

We therefore compared male oral microbiotas wex and after oral sex and found that the oral microbiota changed. Regarding the rest of genera abundant in this sample, only Prevotella increased considerably 3. We reported a case of a patient with bacterial vaginosis and gingivitis caused by sexual intercourse. Even though sequencing the 16S rRNA can have some biases associated to the amplification steps 19it is sex accepted that the 16S sequencing results are accurate to reality and also that cultivable bacteria are a small percentage of the whole microbiota in almost every niche Thus, we bes considering 16S rRNA sequencing data as the main information source to study bacterial composition shifts in this case report.

In order to analyze the putative changes that sex produced in the genitals and oral cavity brs the patients, we sampled vaginal, penile, and oral swabs before and after sexual intercourse. Be alterations in the microbial composition were detected, especially in the vagina, which might explain the tendency to develop BV after sexual intercourse.

For example, the decrease in Lactobacillus would be understood as a detrimental variation in the vagina since the bss role of members of Lactobacillus is well-known. In addition, L. This could explain why it was not isolated in this case.

Moreover, Prevotella and Atopobiumtwo genera commonly found in vaginal microbiota and related with vaginal dysbiosis and also negatively related with the abundance of Lactobacillus bed — 25increased its proportions in the vagina after contact with the penile.

However, the presence of both genera in the vagina when a condom was used was minor. We conclude that the origin of these organisms could be the penile and therefore, that there be was a direct transmission of potential vaginal pathogens dex vaginal-sex. Be few available studies in which the penile microbiome sex been studied appear to agree with our data. For example, Corynebacterium had already been described as the main genus in the penile 14

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